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Landscape A4 Woodblock Print by Megumi Watanabe

Landscape A4 Woodblock Print by Megumi Watanabe

SKU: 0010

Original woodblock print designed, carved, and printed by Megumi.

Printed with gouache and watercolour, on Japanese Shirakaba 110gsm paper (VE 1-6/9) and Japanese Okawara 70gsm paper (VE 7-9/9)

Shirakaba is white, while Okawara is creamy in colour. They show different textures on prints, so please choose your print carefully.

! Please let me know which edition you prefer when ordering. Edition numbers are seen on the bottom left corner of each print.


They are not mounted nor framed. If you'd like them to be professionally mounted or framed, please contact me, so I can get a quote.

All prints will come with a certificate of authenticity. They will be packaged securely in as environmentally friendly way as possible. I use true cellophane which is biodegradable.



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