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Opened gold pop-up star with string for hanging

Blank Card with Pop-Up Star Ornament

Do you want to send a Christmas card plus something small? Here is a perfect gift for anyone. This is a blank Christmas (or anything) card with a "pop-up" star ornament which can be hang as an ornament.


The original art is created by me, wishing for peace, and carved on lino, then printed and painted. I have created every single piece by hand with love and care, so imperfections are visible. There's a certain kind of warmth in hand-made objects which you cannot feel from mass-produced, or machine made.


INSTRUCTIONS: (Please watch the video for simpler instruction.) After carefully sliding the star out of the card, open it like a fan. You may need to encourage the inner, solid-colour bits to open as pictured with your finger. Paper is quite strong, but sharp objects may damage it. Remove the backing off the double-sided tape attached, then stick to the other side of the star for it to stay. If you'd like to be able to fold it back down, DO NOT use the tape provided. I suggest a thin layer of white tack.


Size of the card: 12.5 x 17 cm
Size of the star when opened: 11.3 (h & w) x 8 (d) cm

Inks/Paints used are:

Silver/Blue: Gouache + Watercolour

Gold: Gouache

Copper: Waterbased Linoprint Ink


All acid-free archival paper, glue, and tapes used. The string is hemp. Comes with an envelope in true cellophane which is biodegradable.

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