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Michihamono Sosaku Baren - Sumi, for printing

Michihamono Sosaku Baren - Sumi, for printing

SKU: KPC-002

Traditional Japanese Baren wrapped in bamboo sheath by Michihamono. With Barens' prices ranging from $6-$2000, this Sosaku Baren is an affordable but great quality option for serious beginners to intermediate printmakers.

Extend the life of Baren by;
1. rubbing camelia oil on the bamboo sheath to prevent from drying and to help with smooth burnishing.
2. using baking paper between printing paper and the Baren.
3. turning the black inner disk slightly before each use.

Hold the Baren as pictured and press with the ball of your hand when burnishing. It requires quite a bit of pressure for clean print.

When there are holes on the bamboo covering, it is time to change it!


To those who are looking for Woodblock Printmaking Instructions, I highly recommend Making Japanese Woodblock Prints by Laura Boswell ( ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1785006555) It is a lightweight, A5 size paperback with lots of pictures and easy to follow.



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