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Are you looking for a special gift for yourself or someone special in your life? How about a hand-drawn memento of your/their loved ones? You provide a photo (can be color), and I will draw it for you in monochrome. This means it can be done in sepia tones or blue tones, etc. and not only in grey tones. The portrait will be pencil on paper, because this is what I am good at, and so my drawing tool of choice has always been pencil. This is a special personal gift that can last through generations.

Textile Design /Graphic Design / Illustration

I have extensive experience in apparel graphic design and have created many textile designs throughout the course of my career while either working full-time or as a freelancer with many companies and brands.I have designed mostly for women's fashion and streetwear, and I can be very versatile, properly researching what my clients are looking for and delivering. I work remotely, so I make sure to communicate and send through each progressing step, even at the researching stage, just to make sure I am on the same page as my client.​Please see my apparel graphic design / textile design work here.


Printmaking Classes
for Kids & Adults

Printmaking includes wide-range of art making techniques offering people of all ages opportunities to have fun while experimenting and solving all sorts of problems to achieve the effect you want on your art.


Kitchen Printmaking Club provides nontoxic printmaking classes for kids and adults. The classes are mobile in the Northern Rivers area of NSW Australia. For small groups of up to 6 can be run from my home in Ocean Shores. Longer courses for ages 10 & up will involve all aspects of printmaking, including planning and carving. I specialize in woodblock printmaking.

Printmaking Activities for Parties & Events

Why not try something new and provide an easy and fun printmaking activity for children's parties? ​Kitchen Printmaking Club will assess which activities are suitable for the age group and bring all equipment and materials.

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