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2021 Nengajo or new year cards in progress

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

In Japan, we celebrate New Year on the first of January, and we also use the Chinese zodiac system of 12 animals. Approaching New Year, we send New Year Post Cards or Nengajo (in Japanese) to family, friends, and colleagues wishing them happy new year and a good year ahead. 2021 is a year of the Ox.

I have designed partly promotional, partly just-for-fun Nengajo with Scottish highland ox (just because), with Egyptian art (currently studying) inspired decorations, and Psychedelic art (probably my strongest influence) typography, in Japanese woodblock printing as a method.

Currently in the process of printing on Awagami Bamboo paper.

To print grey, you adjust by simply adding more water. Generally, in Japanese woodblock printing, white is not added to lighten colours, but use the colour of paper.

Music: Concerto for Guitar by Luiz Bonfá

Music: Euridice by Baden Powell




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