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Branding & Packaging Design Process

Updated: Jan 28

Recently I was asked to design a chocolate packaging for my friends' new business "tiny kitchen MIYAZAKI,"

Inspiration board for tiny kitchen miyazaki's logo and packaging

they were starting in Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. Then I realized they did not have any branding, nor logo, so I offered to design them. I could not design a packaging without a logo.

Here is my design process. I almost always make a visual board, which I did when I used to work in fashion. (Please ignore the type on the forest, as it is there to cover something up.)

I first researched a little bit about Miyazaki prefecture, just to get a sense of the place. Then I thought about packaging as well here.

A page from my sketchbook with tiny kitchen miyazaki logo ideas

Then I started sketching up ideas for branding. At this point, anything goes on paper, no matter how silly. All I need is ONE good idea.

I have always loved monograms, playing with the shapes of letters, as you can see from my own hanko (the red MW) design, so that's where I went first.

Adobe Illustrator rendered logo ideas

Then I usually test out a bunch of fonts in Black & White and then colors based on my visual board. The colors of Miyazaki prefecture, I felt, was the dark green of the hills and fresh green of the young leaves in the sun, crystal clear turquoise water, and cloudless blue sky.

Packaging design for tiny kitchen miyazaki's chocolate bars are inspired by Miyazaki's landscape

Then I moved onto the illustration design to be used on the chocolate packaging.

First version of chocolate packaging design for cacao, cumquat, orange chilli, and sea salt flavors

The flavours of the chocolates they will be offering are: Plain Dark, Cumquat, Citrus Chilli, and Sea Salt.

The bars will be smaller than the average size bars, so it was a bit tricky for me to make the type visible.

Final design of chocolate packaging in cacao, cumquat, orange chilli, and sea salt flavors

The final design. The art deco inspired frame utilizes the "TK" monogram design on the upper corners. The frame and the main flavour types are meant to be printed in gold metallic.

The entire paper, when you open it, will have the landscape design on it.

It was fun to play with all the colors thinking of chocolate.

UPDATE: 28 January 2024

3 New flavors has been added. Kinako (roasted soy bean powder) Milk, Strawberry, and Coffee. I have designed and revised the previous 4 packaging design as well.

tiny kitchen Miyazaki's array of 7 chocolate flavors: cumquat, sea salt, dark 70%, citrus chilli, kinako milk, strawberry, and coffee

all 7 flavors piled up, looks like a rainbow

Available in select shops in Japan, @mogmog_lic in NYC, and @aburirestaurants in Vancouver.




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