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Kitchen Printmaking Club brings fun, non-toxic, planet friendly, experimental printmaking without a press into homes with our mobile workshops. I am based in the northern rivers region of Australia.


I offer various printmaking classes using non-toxic and low-cost materials. My classes are designed to be able to practice on a kitchen table, without the use of heavy and expensive printing presses. Most are hand printed using Japanese Baren or something similar, like a flat lid of a container. Some may be printed using a pasta maker just for fun.


I try to be as environmentally conscious as possible, using recycled materials where I can, and by only using water-based inks and paints. Water-based inks can be cleaned up easily with just soap and water, most of the time even without soap.


So come check out Kitchen Printmaking Club classes regularly to see which techniques may interest you. I can provide classes and workshops according to your requests too! Feel free to contact me.



Thank you for signing up!

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