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Mokuhanga Basic Kit A4 Size by Kitchen Printmaking Club

Mokuhanga Basic Kit A4 Size by Kitchen Printmaking Club

SKU: KIT-002

This A4 kit has items that I found difficult to source from Australia (during 2020-2023), and the very basic starting point for woodblock print making.

1. A4 8mm Basswood (Shina) Plywood sourced from Australia -*Please note this plywood is not specifically designed for woodblock printmaking, but its quality is much better than 4mm ones sold in art supply shops.
2. Michihamono Woody Carving Tool Set includes 5 carving knives in a denim pouch
3. Michihamono Plastic Baren
4. Michihamono Sosaku Brush 60mm
5. Michhamono Sosaku Hake 20mm
6. Awagami Okawara Paper x 5
7. Eraldo di Paolo Gouache in Black
8. Non-Slip Mat (not in photo) x 1
9. Carbon Paper (not in photo) x 1
Above will come in velvety red UNBRANDED magnetic closure gift box.

The kit is for those of whom are a little familiar with carving and printmaking, or who is confident in finding instructions on the internet. There are many! Make sure you search for "Japanese" woodblock printmaking instructions and not woodcuts or engraving. Western printmaking using wood is different from Japanese technique. I highly recommend Laura Boswell's Making Japanese Woodblock Prints for English readers.



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