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Full view of Moths 2. Sqare paper with different moths and catterpillars arranged, and printed in purples, pink, and orange

Moths II Woodblock Print by Megumi Watanabe

SKU: 0005EV

Title: Moths II

Woodblock print

Edition Variable -Background was printed with brush strokes meant to show texture. Each edition will have slightly different patterns.

Editions: 10

Printed with watercolor paint, and gouache on white Japanese paper. Drawn, carved, and printed by the artist


Paper: Awagami Bamboo Printmaking Paper (110 gsm)


300 x 305 mm


Unframed, and flat shipped.


This print has won a 1st Prize in Printmaking, Pastel & Drawing category in a local art expo.

  • About handling and care

    Please avoid direct sunlight as the print may fade. Also avoid humid areas.

    I have taken extra precautions for the print to only touch acid-free surfaces. When framing, take care to only use acid-free materials to avoid the print to yellow over time.



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