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Moths Woodblock Print E.V. -Grey/Blue by Megumi Watanabe

Moths Woodblock Print E.V. -Grey/Blue by Megumi Watanabe

SKU: 0001EVG

Title: Moths

Woodblock print

Edition Variable -Greys, Blue, Purple, and Silver sheen

Editions: 4

Printed with nontoxic waterbased ink, watercolor paint, and gouache on natural colour handmade Japanese paper. Drawn, carved, and printed by the artist


Paper: Awagami Kozo Natural Select (46gsm)

Please note this paper has natural specks of Kozo (mulberry) fiber... they are not ink spots.


200 x 280 mm


  • About handling and displaying

    Please avoid direct sunlight as the print may fade. Also avoid any humid areas. 

    I have taken extra precautions for the print to only touch acid-free surfaces. When framing, take care to only use acid-free materials to avoid the print to yellow over time.



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