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Pre-Owned Practical Mixed-Media Printmaking by Sarah Riley

Pre-Owned Practical Mixed-Media Printmaking by Sarah Riley

This is a gently used book in great condition.

ISBN13: 978-1-78994-008-4

ISBN10: 1-78994-008-7


An easy-to-use practical guide to mixed-media printmaking including instructions for other printmaking techniques.
Practical Mixed-Media Printmaking is an essential introduction to printmaking using a wide range of low-cost materials. This practical guide includes easy-to-follow instructions, hints and tips on all of the main printmaking techniques, as well as over 90 examples of works by contemporary printmakers and 19 profiles explaining the artists' methods and inspiration.
As mixed-media printmaking allows vast freedom for experimentation, discover how to adapt and refine basic techniques to suit your own projects and gather inspiration regardless of your level.





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